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The Lonely Island Talk "The Wack Album," Life After "SNL," and Comedy Influences


You guys have known each other since middle school. Does that make it easier when you’re writing material? Do you hit creative bumps?


Jorma: We do on occasion, and it’s always funny when you’re yelling at your friend about, “No! We said dick in the last line, so you can’t put it in this line!” Like, you’re just having some very aggressive discussion.


Andy: Usually it’s just two out of three wins. If two people think something doesn’t work, it’s gone, if two people think it does, it stays, until proven otherwise.


Do you find it easier to work with people you’ve been friends with forever?


Andy: Yeah, I mean it’s harder in some ways because you can’t get away with anything, because we know everything about each other. There’s no, “Ok, well I’m going to take off, you do that and I’ll come back.” We’re all there for all of it, because the second somebody leaves, it’s like, “Fuck you!” It’s definitely more of a team effort in that regard.


Akiva: We have all the same references; we know everything [about each other], so we can just start. There’s no learning period between us about what’s going to work. We always get to start and hit the ground running because we’re right there…


Jorma: And it’s always interesting working with new people, whether we’re making a music video or whatever, because the shorthand is so short that people often don’t even understand how we’re even having a conversation, because we can start a sentence and the other person will already know what we’re talking about. Like, we’re just moving at a much faster rate.


Andy: The shorthand is so short it’s like a nub.


Jorma: Yeah, it’s like a little nubby hand.


Andy: It’s like Jaime Lannister.


Jorma: He got it in! GoT ref!


Andy: Dude, just trying.


Jorma: The new season [of Game of Thrones] is great though, right? Ohhh, intense. Dragons! They’re growing up!


What was the most fun video to shoot off this album?


Akiva: “Spring Break” was pretty fun.

Jorma: Yeah, “Spring Break” was fun.


Akiva: Because we had to invite all these kids to come pretend it was spring break.


Jorma: Yeah, and having like 200 people all chanting, “Marry a man!” was a really great, proud moment. Also one we just did with Robyn, there’s a new video for “Go Kindergarten” I’m very excited about.


Andy: Yeah, it hasn’t come out yet, but that was fun.