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100 Things We Saw At Comic Con 2012

The sights, the sounds, the babes. The annual Geek Woodstock was a thing of beauty.

Comic Con is great, if you don’t mind sore feet, long lines and paying $18 for a bottle of warm soda. Still, we can’t wait to go back next year. In case you spent the weekend at home or robbing Guillermo Del Toro’s house (He wasn’t home Saturday because he was at the show. Remember this tip  for next year, burglars), here are the 100 things you missed and we witnessed at Comic Con this year.

1. Kitana (a.k.a. Hometown Hotties finalist Aja Dang).

2. Silver Surfer, wielding the bulge cosmic.

3. Hairy Hobbit Lego feet.

4 Action Comics #1 for $550k under very light security. Or so we thought. Watch Aja chat with Metropolis Comics’ Vincent Zurzolo about things we can never afford!

5. Braveheart-like guy waiting for his girlfriend in the bathroom. He’s even watching her bag. Just like when he’s dragged to the mall and she browses the racks at Wet Seal.

6. Cute Asian booth babe flashing the peace symbol without irony. (Pay no attention to the child with a painted-on goatee behind her.)

7. This sign in the men’s room. (Perhaps it was meant only for Tony Stark.)

8. Suicide Girls

Including one in full, panty-line-free Batgirl regalia.

9. Chef Vader with Jar-Jar Binks’ head on a platter.

10. Our favorite Captain America ever. Watch his epic, patriotic interview here!

11. Empty commuter trains that held up foot traffic for 20 minutes every time you wanted to leave the convention center via the one passage that exists between it and the rest of San Diego.

12. They Live aliens!

13. Lou Ferrigno changing out one hundred dollar bills at his own signing. To be fair to the original Hulk, who turns 61 in November, was the hardest working guy at the show. We walked passed the Denver-based Mile High Comics booth multiple times each day and he was the first guy in and the last guy out.

14. A strawberry standing on top of a marshmallow.

15. Michael Jackson hanging with Buddy Holly.

16. Very few power outlets.

17. The Ark of the Covenant in a virtual snake pit. (It was promoting the long awaited Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures Blu-ray release available on September 18th!)

18. What the hell is this pile of junky crap? How can this become anything? Moving on.

19. HOLY SHIT!!! We stand corrected.

20. Motorcycle from the G.I. Joe Retaliation movie that won’t be out before the next model year of motorcycles.

21. Three-foot-tall Galactus, from Sideshow Collectibles.

22. People willing to kill and eat their mother for a t-shirt at the Iron Man 3 booth.

23. Sad freaked-out green guy.

24. No fucking parking spaces.

25. Ghostbusters with what look to be working proton packs.


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