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100 Things We Saw At Comic Con 2012

26. ABC TV show called The Neighbors, which will probably be canceled before we finish writing this sent...

27. Dude with steampunk eye thingee in front of the Shrine booth. Did he work there? Don’t know. Didn’t ask.

28. An Outrageous Fortune poster. For those not Fortune-fanatics, it’s an ‘80s movie starring Bette Midler and Shelly Long. For those who don’t know who Midler and Long were, ask your gay uncles.

29. The scale entrance to Castle Grayskull.

30. This pink monkey hat

31. Baby stroller, even though we received a special announcement that strollers weren’t allowed. (And we could have used one after day three.)

32. Another baby stroller.

33. Total Recall car.

34. Female Batman villains Catwoman, Poison Ivy (in prison fatigues) and Harley Quinn.

35. Creepy cute Voodoo toys.

36. Sexy Silk Spectre from Watchmen.

37. Cyanide and Happiness drawing together.

38. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man taking over the lobby

39. Pussy magnets.

40. A huge, puffy Jon Cena. (OK, it was a stuffed animal. We’d called it a stuffed wrestler but that’s a totally different thing.)

41. Rascal scooters of questionable need.

42. Dr. Doom taking a stroll through the streets

43. Poop sign.

44. 50-percent off trade paperbacks.

45. Vampire girl biting Aja’s neck. Check out the video here!

46. Sam Goody is still in fucking business. No way!

47. Matt Slay sketching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters just ‘cause he was bored. He also took our “Sketch Aja In 5 Minutes” challenge. Did he succeed? Watch the video!

48. Father/son Punishers.

49. Ninja Turtles posing with Master Chief.

50. Hefty Spidey. (Hey, we can’t do much better in that costume, so don’t hate.)


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