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100 Things We Saw At Comic Con 2012

51. G.I. Joe crew in the most impressive costumes ever. If the sequel hung on these guys, maybe it wouldn’t be delayed till March, 2013 #GIJokes

52. Kitty covered in chalk graffiti.

53. This beautiful punk rock chick. (We have a thing for wild tattooed girls in glasses... we also have a thing for all girls everywhere.)

54. Lego Hulk

55. Marvel Xbox Kinect game Avengers: Battle for Earth. Watch Aja playing it here!

56. Frankenweenie (Coming out on October 5th)

57. Sexy Storm with painful looking cloudy contact lenses.

58. Bonka Zonks, whatever the fuck they are.

59. Diabetes.

60. Sixteen pounds of footwear on one Mega Man costume. Did we mention Aja knocked on his cod-piece? Did we also mention he’s a pastor? Watch the uncomfortable video here!

61. Baby crying in men's room and screaming “It's scary!” while getting his diaper changed.

62. Dark Helmet, from Spaceballs.

63. Shia LaBeouf (no photo needed or wanted)

64. A buff Teela sporting a brass bra.

65. Asshole convention gestapo instructing us not to sit along the wall.

66. Scores of people sitting along the wall.

67. Carl Fredricksen from Up.

68. Lots of fake mustaches.

69. No idea what this T-shirt means. Don’t care either. (OK, it’s an H.P. Lovecraft reference...but don’t tell anyone we knew that.)

70. Little girl as Nyan Cat

71. Gizmo backpack.

72. T-shirt that made us hungry.

73. Stuffed organs that made us hungrier.

74. Traci of Disciplined Monkey Studios in a pink Power Ranger getup. She said she had a costume for each day. We never saw her again. Call us!

75. Sean Astin (a.k.a. Rudy, a.k.a. Samwise. a.k.a. Goonie).


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