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100 Things We Saw At Comic Con 2012

76. A guy flipping a sign promoting sign flipping.

77. Green Starcraft hottie.

78. Meat Bun.

79. Lots of people asking if they're "stamping." Sounded kinky.

80. Sparkly Beetle Guy named Frederick.

81. South Park Elementary

82. Convention staff in yellow shirts: Good. Convention staff in blue shirts: Absolute dickholes.

83. Thor-ess. (Female Thor.)

84. This pink creature on a bag.

85. Next to this sexy creature on a bag.

86. Sexy Chewbacca and Sonya Blade.

87. Super Grammar comics guaranteed to be worshipped by every annoying commenter on the Internet.

88. Iron Man, disassembled.

89. Recording booth for fan fiction.

90. "Each character is a different emotion" --Emotes!

91. Halo Kitty

92. Old school Punchout! arcade game starring someone called Abobo.

93. Emily the Strange. Plus, an attractive woman working the booth who gave us a suspicious look. It’s high school all over again!

94. Mushroom guy with fake legs and a huge flower umbrella loitering creepily amid the more child-oriented booths.

95. Man carefully showing a LOTR mask. Overheard: “No, you can’t put it on.” As the discussion progressed, he assured him that it can be worn. He just can’t be allowing every sweaty dude grossing up his sweet helmet-mask thing.

96. Donnie Darko giant bunny (a.k.a. The biggest goddamn bunny costume in the world)

97. Laziest Master Chief Costume ever. Really, guy? We saw scores of people who took the time to piece together full body armor. Comic Con is the big time, n00b, so you best step yo game up next year!

98. Not-green-enough-to-cover-his-back-tattoo Hulk.

99. This Tokidoki cat telling us to leave. That’s what “adios” means, right?

100. Purposefully blurry, fat, male Slave Leia. (Seriously, we took a clearer photo, but we’re not using it.)

Sorry, we can’t end this epic Comic Con 100 list like that.

Much better.