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Bad Girls #1

Star Rating: 
6 out of 10

Fairy Tales for a more mature audience.

The Pitch: Bad Girls is part of Zenescope's Grimm Fairy Tale series of edgy, pretty comics and brings together all the villainous ladies of that universe in one easy-to-hold book.

What It Really Is: Scantily-clad fun. The folks at Zenescope love curvy women as much as they love comic book action and that combination equals a good time. While we’re new to the series, and don’t know who’s who or what everyone is after, the book is still entertaining. Written by Joey Esposito with art by Rafael Lanhellas, Eduardo Garcia and Marco Cosentino, the first issue of Bad Girls features a lovely brunette with superpowers and sexy glasses who breaks out of prison and fights giant monsters. And we kind of loved it. Press-Ready Blurb: “If Maxim were a comic book about fairy tale hotties, this would be it.” -

Our Favorite Character So Far: The Queen of Spades. We’re suckers for a woman who can pull off the high collar look.

Who’s It For: Comic fans tired of realistic, gritty stories; literature and folklore professors who need something new to complain about; readers.

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