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The 8-bit bakeshop has some interesting looking chefs. And if that's what all those power stars and mushrooms are really made of, no wonder Mario always has such a gut.

The Black Widow threatened to interrogate us. We manfully resisted for all of five seconds before bursting into tears and begging for forgiveness.

We caught Catwoman in the middle of planning a break-in and attempted to stop her by throwing ourselves at her feet and refusing to let go.

Batman villain Clock King. Either that, or the world's worst fake Rolex salesman.

Whomsoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of - no, wait, wrong hammer. This one just clobbers you.

Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, and the longest lines of NYCC 13.

We're guessing the LD stands for "Lay Down", since we needed to after running into this lady.

Really, Agent Coulson? You couldn't have found a better parking spot?

The aptly-named Nick Furry.

Nick Fury keeps an eye out at the world premiere of his waxwork figure.

Pikachu, we most definitely choose you.

It's...Duck Woman! Or something. (Look, give us a break...we can't admit to knowing every single detail of 1972 TV show Science Ninja Team Gatchaman and...oh, crap.)

War Machine is so busted in this picture.

It turned out that Rainbow Brite grew into something of a confused adulthood.

Sgt. Slaughter demanded we drop and give him 20! So we did. Dollars. To go away and stop pointing at us.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, idiot, it's two girls dressed as sports-casual Supergirl.

Two-Face and Wolverine. Together, they are Team Wolver-Face! Come on, tell us you wouldn't watch that show.

How to cause a riot at Comic Con, lesson 1: Walk up to this woman and loudly tell her you like her She-Ra costume.

Zoe Bell, stunt woman extraordinaire and star of Death Proof and Raze.

The barely walking dead (those crutches were real!)

Always be sure to keep your zombie pets chained up. 

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