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Comics Exclusive: A Preview Of Action Comics No.4 From DC

In the latest in our run of exclusive comics previews, we’re taking a sneak peek at Action Comics #4, from Grant Morrison and Rags Morales.

We’re huge fans of Morrison’s work here at Maxim, and since his All Star Superman is one of the best books ever written about the big blue boy scout, we’re obviously keen to see his take on this version of the character.

And it is a new version – if All Star was Morrison’s take on the definitive Superman (revered, established, all-powerful, in love with Lois Lane, working for the Daily Planet), this is his crack at explaining where all those qualities came from. Set in the very early days of his career, this Superman still only has half a costume, can’t yet fly and is even working at a rival paper to Lois. Which all sounds painfully like the execrable Smallville, but if there’s one man who can pull this off, it’s the crazy Scottish wizard. No… not this one.