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Comics Exclusive: A Preview Of Birds Of Prey No.4 From DC

As per usual on Monday, we're giving you an exclusive preview of one of this week's best comics titles from our buddies over at DC Comics. Today, we're going with Birds Of Prey #4. Gail Simone's run on the Oracle, Huntress and Black Canary-starring title is still considered one of the all-time greats (yes, that's the same Gail Simone who penned the punch-yourself-in-the-face-it's-so-awesome Secret Six), taking the all-female superhero team to the top of the comics charts with a dynamite mix of humor, action and, it must be noted, sex appeal. This new run is being written by Duane Swierczynski, and while he obviously has a hell of a lot to live up to, he's clearly coming out all guns blazing. Dive in and see for yourself.