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Comics Exclusive: A Preview Of DC Universe Presents Number 3

Back in the late 70s and early 80s, DC comics had a book called DC Comics Presents, in which a wide mix of characters took their turn teaming up with Superman – the idea being, of course, that the lesser known characters would get a chance to show off what they had alongside a hero guaranteed to sell books. A regular back-up feature for the title took this concept a step further, simply titling it, “Whatever happened to…” and telling readers what had become of less-used characters.

It’s a fun idea, and one that DC are currently revisiting with DC Universe Presents, a series that gives a less-popular (or at least, less-able-to-sell-a-book-by-themselves) character a self-contained, several-issue story, before bowing out and letting the next character step in for a turn fronting the band. And why are we telling you this? Well, take a guess, genius. It’s Monday, so that means we’re giving you an exclusive preview of this week’s DC Universe Presents #3, starring Deadman. Written by Paul Jenkins, it’s a fun look at the supernatural side of the DCU, and with Deadman as its star, it’s quite possibly the only time you’ll ever wish there was a stuntman inside you.