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In this week's exclusive comics preview, we're taking a trip to Africa, courtesy of Judd Winick and Dustin Nguyen's Batwing #7 (out March 7, in print and digital)

One of the more interesting New 52 titles has been Batwing – essentially, the Batman of Africa, created during Grant Morrison's Batman Inc. storyline - which shows what happens when you set an otherwise traditional superhero story amidst the poverty and violence of the Democratic Republic of Congo. A former child soldier, intimately familiar with the horrors of civil war, massacres and brutal, rampant crime, Batwing is expected to uphold Batman's strict "no killing" policy, which is a pretty tough gig when he's facing both super criminals, corrupt cops and revolutionary armies waving RPGs and AK–47s. Fortunately, he's very, very good at punching people in the face, which is presumably what got him the gig in the first place. As one of the more mature – and we mean that in the sense that it's actually a good read for adults, not in the more common comics sense that it has cartoon boobies and swearing – superhero books on shelves right now, it's well worth checking out.

Comics Exclusive: A Preview of DC's Batwing # 7

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