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Comics Exclusive: A Preview Of Green Lantern No. 3 From DC

This week’s exclusive preview is of Green Lantern #3, by none other than our favorite Aquaman defender, Geoff Johns. Geoff is the man who took Green Lantern from a largely sidelined character and single-handedly turned him into one of DC’s biggest titles – big enough to get his own blockbuster movie, even before more recognizable heroes like Wonder Woman, for crying out loud – largely thanks to the epic scope of his stories. I mean, who wants to see Green Lantern foiling bank robberies on Earth when he could be indulging in all-out space war with armies of different lantern corps? Well, our friend Barry, who’s very passionate about such things, actually, but fuck him, he’s an idiot.

In the New 52, Hal Jordan has been stripped of his ring by the Guardians, and is now only Green Lantern thanks to former arch-nemesis Sinestro, who – as acting Green Lantern of Earth (or, yes, the sector of space Earth is in – cool it, nerds) – has created a power ring that Jordan can use, but that Sinestro can turn off any time he chooses. With his former corps (the imaginatively-titled “Sinestro Corp”) running rampant, he’s now blackmailing Hal Jordan for help…