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Comics Exclusive: A Preview Of OMAC No. 3 From DC

It's Monday on Dirty Briefs, and that can mean only one thing - another exclusive sneak preview of a kick-ass comic book! This week, we're taking an advance look at OMAC #3 (out Wednesday in both print and digital). 

For those unfamiliar with OMAC (which stands for One Man Army Corp, naturally), he was created by comics king Jack Kirby in 1974. A futuristic superhero whose powers were beamed to him by a satellite named Brother Eye, the OMAC concept was re-imagined in the 2005 crossover, Infinite Crisis, as more of a cybernetic plague that could take over anyone and turn them into an unstoppable killing machine. Fun!

With DC's latest reboot, he's being written by Dan DiDio, co-publisher (along with Jim Lee) of DC Comics. A straight-up fun, over-the-top, sci-fi action series, all you really need to know is that he's currently battling an evil professor with a giant brain-dreadlock. Hooked? Thought so.