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For this week's exclusive comics preview, we're taking a sneak peek at Superboy # 6 by Scott Lobdell, R.B. Silva and Rob Lean.

Superboy is one of those characters whose appeal depends entirely on the writer. In his 50s series, where he ran around Smallville having goofy adventures as a super-powered toddler? Fun. In Geoff Johns' mid-2000s run as a member of the Teen Titans? A little dark, but definitely enjoyable. In his first post-crisis appearances in Dan Jurgens' Reign of the Supermen? Unbearable. While we've yet to see what DC decides to do with Supes Jr. in their New 52 universe, they're definitely winning us over with his ability to solve problems by head butting stuff.

Comics Exclusive: A Preview of Superboy #6 from DC

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