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In this week's exclusive comics preview, we're sneaking an early look at Michael Green and Mike Johnson's Supergirl #6, out Feb 15 in both print and digital.

We have a soft spot for Supergirl. Whether it's the adorable Helen Slater doing her best in the truly awful 1984 Supergirl movie (really, guys, you had both Peter O'Toole and Peter Cook and you still couldn't make a watchable film?), the flying panty shot of the last decade or the, uh, shape-shifting blob created by a good Lex Luthor from a pocket universe that dated the fake son of our Lex Luthor that was really just Lex's brain in a cloned body and got mostly squished by Doomsday and – Jesus, and that was after they simplified their continuity? No wonder they reboot every few years. Anyway, Supergirl's back again – check it out!

Comics Exclusive: A Preview of Supergirl #6 from DC