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For this week's exclusive comics preview, we're getting an advance look at Swamp Thing #6, by Scott Snyder and Marco Rudy.

Swamp Thing is one of the odder characters to attain critical success, even in the world of comics. With a history far too long and complicated to summarize in one short intro passage – honestly, if you want to learn about how he went from a man to a vegetable monster to a living embodiment of the forces of nature to being a man again to…you know what, even this is too much. Just read the Wiki page - he's been through a lot of changes, which is why it doesn't seem that unnatural to bring him back into the DC Universe proper as one of the New 52 titles. Of course, when you're talking about Swamp Thing, everything's kind of unnatural, but you know what we mean.

Comics Exclusive: A preview of Swamp Thing No.6 from DC