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Comics Exclusive: A Preview Of The Flash No.2 From DC

We've said it before and we'll say it again - we really dig exclusive sneak previews of the week's best new comics. That's why this week, we're giving you guys an advance look at issue #2 of The Flash, out this Wednesday.

The Flash is one of those heroes that's kind of half stepped over into the mainstream and half not. Most people could probably pick him out of a line up as "that dude who runs real fast", but he's certainly not a Superman or a Captain America on the recognizability scale. So, for those of you who aren't too familiar, here's a few fast Flash Facts:

The Flash's alter ego is Barry Allen, a police scientist who became the Flash after getting doused in chemicals and struck by lightning (short answer: trust us, no, it doesn't work).

Flash's powers include being able to travel at superhuman speed, vibrating fast enough to pass through solid walls and even speeding up the molecules in objects to cause them to explode. Short version: never dry hump with the Flash. 

Barry was the second, "Silver Age" Flash - his predecessor, Jay Garrick, was in the wartime Justice Society of America and, more importantly, wore a fucking awesome hat

His sidekick was Wally West, AKA, Kid Flash. When Barry died during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally took over the mantle of the Flash. However, Barry is now back, alive and well and starring in his own series because, you know, comics.

Most important of all: You don't need to know half of this stuff to follow and enjoy the new run on the book. Flash here is fast, fun and, above all, beautifully drawn, with more attention paid to innovative panel layouts and visual storytelling techniques than we've seen from a new book in some time. In the first issue, Flash took on a gang of hi-tech thieves and finally found himself face to face with an army composed entirely of his friend Manuel - which was especially weird, since Flash had been implicated in his death just hours earlier. Want to see what happens next? Scroll down...