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Comics Exclusive: A Preview Of Wonder Woman No.2 From DC

Despite being one of the world's most recognizable characters, apart from the name and the costume, Wonder Woman doesn't have too many memorable details. Origin story? Um...something about being made out of clay by her mom, then coming to life and being raised by Greek-mythology based Amazons on a private island before deciding to fight crime in American flag-based lingerie? Huh. How about a classic rogue's gallery?, she, er - doesn't she fight that cat-lady sometimes? Not Catwoman, who everyone's heard of, the Cheetah one that, y'know, no one remembers. How about her powers? Super strength, speed, flight, invulnerability and a magic lasso that forces you to tell the truth - so, she's Superman, but kinky (and that's no accident - Wonder Woman was designed to be into tying people up from the very beginning). So how come she's still so well known?

The answer, unsurprisingly, is an iconic, campy TV show and a hell of a lot of merchandise. She's an ever-popular member of the Justice League, but when flying solo, she's a much less memorable character - a fact DC are really hoping to change with their new take on the icon from writer (and creator of 100 Bullets) Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang. 

Already one of the best-reviewed books of the new 52, Azzarello's take on Wonder Woman is doing, er, wonders for the character. Showcasing her bad-ass warrior side as well as a sense of humor that's been sorely lacking in recent years, Azzarello is also rebuilding the mythology of Wonder Woman, simplifying it and making it more accessible to new readers while explaining her powers and attitude more successfully to existing ones (SPOILER ALERT: in this new version, she's the daughter of Zeus). 

Below, you can check out an exclusive sneak peek at issue #2 of Wonder Woman (out Wednesday). The story opens as WW arrives on Paradise Island with Zola (a girl - allegedly pregnant by Zeus - she rescued last issue from a bunch of angry centaurs) and an apparently dying Hermes (the messenger of the Greek gods)...