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In today's exclusive comics preview, we're taking flight (see what we did there? Because he's got wings and he flies. Ha! Please end our pain) with The Savage Hawkman #7  (out March 28) from Tony S. Daniel and Jim Bonny.

We quite often use this space to explain a little background on the character, but really, where do you start with Hawkman? The guy's origin has had more retcons [  ] than Power Girl. Still, so long as we can all agree that a dude with hawk wings flying around smacking bad guys in the face with a giant, spiked mace is actually pretty sweet, then we can probably all enjoy this book. Special bonus: this issue has zombies. Special, special bonus: this issue has the Gentleman Ghost. When your main villain wears a monocle, you know you're in for a good time.

Comics Exclusive: Savage Hawkman #7

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