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Daredevil: Season One

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
6 out of 10

Return to the days when a blind superhero was a little happier and brighter.

The Pitch: Marvel takes us back to the Silver Age with this re-introduction and re-telling of Daredevil’s early career. Written by Antony Johnston with art by Wellington Alves.

What it Really Is: A mild gateway drug into Daredevil lore. Comic books can be confusing and have complicated back stories and histories that make The Lord of the Rings look like a Family Circus strip. With these new Season One graphic novels, Marvel hopes to lure new readers by focusing on the less-convoluted past. This isn’t an origin tale, but instead shows Daredevil’s first few days and months as New York’s blind heroic acrobat. It’s a fun, breezy read with some fantastic art that has Daredevil facing off against a handful of Silver Age foes, including our favorite, The Matador. (He’s an evil matador, and we love him.) We enjoyed the throwback to the sillier times in Daredevil’s life, but comic fans know that Daredevil has a much darker and mature side that these stories gloss over. Don’t expect anything deep or literary. This book is more of a summer read than a dark-empty-basement-in-the-middle-of-November read.

Digital vs. Print: We read it on the iPad using the Marvel app, and it looked amazing. Plus, our fellow bus passengers probably assumed we were reading The New York Times - an illusion that was quickly broken since every six minutes we yelled, “Daredevil, watch out!” and, “This isn’t the New York Times!!!” Press-Ready Blub: “We dare you to find a better book this Spring.” -

Fun Matador Fact: He exists. He is awesome.

Who’s It For: First-time Daredevil readers; Ben Affleck; younger readers; Matador completists.