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Exclusive Comics Preview: Action Comics #14

Superman versus killer construction equipment! And angels! On Mars!


Anyone who reads our previews regularly will know that we're huge Grant Morrison fans, so we have no problem recommending this, even if Superman looks somewhat confused on the cover. The first appearance of the "Multitude" referenced by Brainiac in a previous issue, the feathery fiends mobbing Superman look an awful lot like the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, and it wouldn't surprise us in the least if this was deliberate, going by Morrison's standard practice of incorporating his influences into his work. Look out also for an attack by the sentient alien construction equipment, Metalek, which has already appeared in Morrison's run on Action Comics following its introduction during his previous run on Batman, where it was languishing in a British prison. We...we don't know what more we can say to make you want to read this.



Action Comics #14 is out November 7, in both print and digital.


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