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Exclusive Comics Preview: American Vampire #33

One of the best books just keeps getting better. And bloodier.

Scott Snyder's American Vampire is hands-down one of the greatest books out there right now. A perfect mix of horror, action, romance, and brilliant, twisty storytelling, it follows the life of Skinner Sweet, the first American vampire. In this world, there are many strains of vampire, all with different strengths and weaknesses, depending on the species: Sweet's invulnerable to sunlight and, in fact, can pretty much only be killed by gold, making him the perfect boogeyman for the old west (the time period in which the series starts). Marching aggressively towards the present day, we've seen Skinner – and the widening circle of people affected by his monstrously immoral, violent actions – go through the roaring '20s to WWII to the 1950s, never easing up on his psychopathic tendencies for a moment. This one's well worth collecting in trade paperback so you can start from the beginning. It's also well worth giving to the Stephanie Meyer fan in your life, if only so you can see the look of gratitude on their faces when they realize the error of their ways and set fire to their entire Twilight collection. Check out a preview from the new issue below.

American Vampire #33 is out Nov 28, in both print and digital.

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