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Exclusive Comics Preview: American Vampire, Volume 5

We may have mentioned before how much we love American Vampire, but we're going to hammer the point home again with a preview of American Vampire, Vol. 5 (out March 27th in comic book stores, and April 2nd everywhere else). It's a perfect blend of action, horror, and solid, exciting storytelling, paired with some of the finest art of any current book. The action in this volume takes place during the 1950s, with America trying to combat both communism and vampires. We don't want to give away too much for those that didn't read the individual issues, but there's a preview of the first few pages below. Scroll to the end to see an exclusive preview of Dustin Nguyen's cover sketches, and Rafael Albuquerque's character designs!


And now, an exclusive first look at some of the collected volume's extra material!



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