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You'll believe a man can wear tights!


For all the good aspects of the New 52 - Scott Snyder's killing it on Batman, Jeff Lemire is doing an admirable job of continuing Animal Man's story, and for our money, thanks to Brian Azzarello, this is the best Wonder Woman's book has ever been - there have definitely been shaky parts, not least of which are the number of characters getting unnecessary (and, as far as many fans are concerned, unwanted) reboots. Superboy, however, is a character who's not harmed too much by such things - he is, after all, a legacy of endless reboots, having been, at the hands of different writers, Superman as a kid; a clone of Superman; a member of the Legion Of Superheroes; a clone of Lex Luthor; and, due to an unfortunate comics event called "the 90s", a web-gun firing smoosh-together of himself and Spider-Man. So really, after all that, having yet another new take on Superboy doesn't seem like such a travesty, does it? Check out a preview of his current adventures from Superboy #20 (out May 8 in both print and digital) above.


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