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Exclusive Comics Preview: Superman #17

There's a very popular but very flawed argument that Superman haters use to explain why they don't like the character: "Superman's too powerful! You can't get invested in a character who it's impossible to really threaten!" Which would be fine if it made any sense, but it doesn't - this is a fictional world, after all, and finding something to threaten Superman with is as simple as making one up. Grant Morrison and Mark Waid did it extremely effectively during their runs on JLA (ancient space weapons, White Martians, Batman's special transparent skin-causing Kryptonite...), so clearly it's possible. The other thing people really tend to dislike about Supes is the fact that he's such an unrelenting good guy with no shades of grey, but - and Grant Morrison to the rescue once again - the mighty All Star Superman showed that, far from being a flaw, that's the character's greatest asset (honestly, you'd have to be General Zod not to get misty-eyed at Kal-El's encounter with this near-suicide. The Crash Test Dummies were definitely onto something). The New 52's Superman is still on his way to becoming that kind of a good guy, but it seems to have the "find something to threaten Superman with" part all figured out with his current foe, the planet-destroying H'el. That sounds like a good start to us.


Check out our exclusive preview of Superman #17 below - the full comic is available on March 6th in both print and digital.




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