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Exclusive Comics Preview: Swamp Thing #20

Swamp Thing's had a bumpy ride over the years. He began as scientist-turned-monster back in the '70s, when Alec Holland was doused in flaming chemicals and, via an explosion, catapulted into a nearby swamp, reviving later as the titular green creature. He was always fun, but hardly a respected character. That all changed in the '80s, when legendary comics grump Alan Moore took over the reigns. Under Moore's watch, Swamp Thing became pure plantlife (complete with awesome "what the fuck?" dissection scene), and an agent of "The Green" (a sort of universal plant consciousness). Short version: It was weird, but awesome. This version of Swamp Thing stuck around right up until DC's "New 52" reboot, which saw Alec Holland back in place as the human host of the world's favorite walking vegetable. In the next issue, Swamp Thing #20 (out May 1st in both print and digital), Swampy faces off against Superman for the fate of Metropolis, because that's just what happens in comics. Look, say what you will, but any swamp-beast that can cold-cock Batman just for being annoying gets our vote every time.



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