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Exclusive: The Dark Knight Rises and Watchmen Statues Unveiled

It's a statue, so it's OK to stare. Behold your first official glimpse of Anne Hathaway's remarkable rear in statue form. DC Direct will unveil these resin statues at next week’s Toy Fair in NYC, but they gave us an early peek at the goods. Along with the 6-inch Catwoman statue (who would look perfect on any shelf, desk, or bearskin rug), DC Direct is also releasing statues and busts of Batman and Bane. The statues will be available later this year.


And for the more literary nerd, there’s the brand new “Before Watchmen” statues.  The superhero team that changed comic books returns to the funny pages in the new mini-series “Before Watchmen.” To celebrate the event, DC Direct gave us an exclusive peek at the brand new statues of everyone’s favorite anti-heroes Rorshach and the Comedian. According to our literature professor, the statues represent society’s corruption, the horror of reality and cool guys with strange outfits.

The 9-inch resin statues are just what your work environment needs. A mug that says “#1 Grandson” wouldn’t hurt either.



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