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Get Stuff: Free Comic Book Day

Comic book characters have gone from nerd power fantasies to Hollywood A-list cool thanks to a few billion dollar blockbuster movies, but comic book shops are still perceived as wretched hives of unwashed geekery.

And, well, for the most part, they are.

But what better way for you to form your own opinion than by rushing down to your local purveyor of Snikts and Thwips and snagging some free comics? May 2nd is the annual Free Comic Book Day, and select titles are being stuffed into eager hands with reckless abandon.

We know what you're thinking, "Great. I'm suppose to go all the way down there for some Power Pack reprints and a three-page teaser for Aliens Vs. Predator Vs. Ash Vs. Zombies Vs. Brian Michael Bendis?" Oh no. You want big names? How about?

The Avengers? In both flavors? ("New" and "Dark"). Or...

...Green Lantern? (Why does it have to be blackest night, though?)

Or Star Wars or Savage Dragon or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or many, many other titles worth getting your grubby hands on? Exactly.

May 2nd. Stand up and be counted.