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Kick Axe!

A year ago cartoonist Ethan Nicolle, then 29, began drawing the free-associative stories his five-year-old little brother, Malachi, concocted, and Axe Cop was born. It's the world's only comic featuring a hatchet-wielding hero, who, with the cry, "I'll chop your head off!" battles evil robots, aliens, zombies, ninjas, and every other diabolical thing you can think of. 
The adventures of Axe Cop and his bizarre crime-fighting buddies--including Wexter, a fire-breathing T. rex who has machine guns for arms; and Vampire Wolfer, a vampire shark wizard ninja from the moon--come straight from Malachi's imagination to Ethan's eye-popping art. 
Since debuting online at, the comic has become a critical and audience sensation--just about the last thing Ethan expected. "It was really shocking. In a day it had more attention than anything else I had done in the comics industry before that," he says. With a 144-page collection due out this month from Dark Horse (publisher of Sin City and Hellboy), Axe Cop is ready to chop your head off with awesomeness.