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Adventure Time never looked so good.

Age of Wushu.

Unanimated anime.

The Assassin takes in some light Injustice: Gods Among Us on his downtime.

I wonder if she's looking for a sidekick?

No pockets on that utility belt. Where does she keep her batarang?

Batmen! (As in, Batman writers Peter J. Tomasi and Scott Snyder.)

In these tough economic times, a bounty hunter has to do something to make ends meet.



He's from that crossover where the Ewoks and V met Batman…

Re-enacting that scene from the very special edition of The Phantom Menace.

After she enlisted, they had to stop asking, “Who ya gonna call?”

Just Dance.

Megaman stops for a snack.

Someone may want to look into whether Iceman is juicing.


The years since he lost Porkchop have not been kind to Quailman.

Maybe she can do something about all this rain out here.


Thundercats Hoooooooooooo!

We hear these guys know where the best pizza is.

Hoth's hottest export: Wampa skin rugs.


Wonder what Wonder Woman is doing later…


Look, Maxim found the two sexiest chicks at Comic Con!

It may be time to wrap it up for today—this zombie is following us around.

Our Comic Con Photo Diary