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Apocalypse: The lovely Women of Armageddon… maybe they can help with all these zombies walking around?

Black Canary.

The lovely bride of Frankenstein.

Catwoman: The many faces of Selina Kyle.

More Catwoman.


Lollypop Chainsaw: Because everyone likes a woman with a tool.

I don't care how little clothing you wear, clowns are always creepy.

Darth Talon.

If Ewoks looked like this they'd be more popular.

Harley Finn, the love child of Huck Finn and Harley Quinn.

Headrush booth girl.

He-Man: By the power of Greyskull?

Cassie Hack says Kiss It!

Ms. Marvel is pretty marvelous.

This Nightwing can bring us to justice anytime.

That poison ivy sure does grow in weird places.

The leggy Raven.


She-Ra: The girls of Eternia.

Slave Leia: Boba leads his girl around the con floor.

Spidergirl: Web-slinging beauty.

Live long and prosper.


Cross-gender Thor

Is that Mjolnir in your hand or are you just happy to see me?

Not sure what she's supposed to be, but her pet looks angry.


Artemis - Amazon sisters.

What sharp claws you have, X-23!

What time does the magic show start?

Our Comic Con Photo Diary, Round 2