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Preview: Kevin Smith's Comic Book Men

Sit down and take a deep breath because we've got some news that's going to blow your mind: Kevin Smith is really into comic books. (Crazy, we know. We're going to tell you that he likes New Jersey next!) In fact, Kevin Smith is so into comic books that he's producing AMC's first ever reality show, Comic Book Men, which focuses on the employees of Smith's comic book store Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. It aired its first episode last night, but if you missed it, don't worry: Our friends at Bullz-Eye have you Smith fanatics covered with an awesome first look at the show.

The real Jay and Silent Bob (tragically) don't run the shop, so Comic Book Men will focus on employees Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Michael Zapcic and Ming Chen instead. They'll haggle with customers over Six Million Dollar Man figures and welcome you into their geeky conversations throughout the show. Smith will also pop up in each episode when the gang convenes to record their podcast.

You can check out some trailers, Smith soundbites and more Comic Book Men info over at Bullz-Eye, and catch the show on Sundays after The Walking Dead.