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The 10 Most Distressing Christmas Comic Book Covers

Let's face it, Christmas already has kind of a big creep factor once you start probing into it too deeply. So while we appreciate the comic book community feeling the Yuletide spirit and injecting a little bit of holiday cheer into their titles, we have to say that the results are usually...well, let's just say that those tiny tots have their eyes all aglow for all the wrong reasons.


"Hey there, Santa! Need some help? Allow me to PUNCH YOUR FAT ASS DOWN THE CHIMNEY."



Kitty Pryde was about to learn the heart-warming tale of Nestor, the Long-Tentacled Alien KillBeast. It's an X-Mansion favorite.


...right up there with that classic X-Carol, "Who wants to join in our Mutant Christmas Orgy? Photography welcome."


Remember, kids, if you don't sleep tight on Christmas Eve, how else are Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern going to pop in and steal your shit?


We're not sure what's worse - that Lobo has beaten the shit out of Santa, or that Santa's blood appears to be bile black.


These are the guys entrusted with keeping Gotham safe from super criminals. Just sayin'.



"He sees you when you're sleeping, and he smells your fear a  mile away thanks to his enhanced animal senses..."



This is about as "holiday" as Punisher gets. Have a pants-soiling Christmas!


OK, Death Wish Santa is creeping us out. A little help here?


...Thanks, Hitman.


Merry Christmas!

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