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The 5 Most Thanksgiving-est Superheroes

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of the day when the Native Americans sealed their own fate by saving the Colonists' lives, we present our own geek-tinged tribute to...well, marginally, at least...Thanksgiving-themed comic book characters.

5. Thunderbird

It's only right to have a Native American hero here, right? John Proudstar (aka Thunderbird) was once a member of the X-Men. In holiday-appropriate fashion, however, he was initially welcomed to the white man's table and then promptly killed off.

4. Scott Pilgrim

OK, so this slacker hero has pretty much nothing to do with Thanksgiving except for his surname. In fact, he's not even American - he's Canadian. But, hey, the world is short on buckle-shoe-wearing heroes.

3. Captain Britain

Let's not forget that in 1621, we were still a British colony. Let Captain America have the Fourth of the July.

2. Spider-Man 1602

Never mind the Macy's Parade balloon - give us a Colonial-era Spider-Man! Peter Parquagh (not making that up) was assistant to Sir Nicholas Fury - head of intelligence for Queen Elizabeth I - before striking out on his own. Did he have an Aunt Mayflower?

1. Matter-Eater Lad

Because, like you, Matter-Eater Lad will literally cram anything into his piehole. Keep him in mind while you're shoveling down Grandma Betty's "Turkey Surprise" topped with whipped cream and pumpkin-flavored beer.

Honorable Mentions

Beast Boy, Jayna, and Hawkman

Since we're lacking any Turkey-themed superheroes, you can either ask animal-centric shapeshifters Beast Boy and Jayna to kindly become the main course, or you can fry up Hawkman. Dibs on a wing!

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