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These drawn dames are the reason pencils are made of wood. Meet 10 more women with whom you don't stand a chance.

1. Patty Bouvier (<em>The Simpsons</em>)-

Patty has always lived in the shadow of her hot little sister, Marge. But even though this portly chain-smoker sounds and looks like Harvey Fierstein, she's got something that out-sexies her blue-haired little sis: Patty Bouvier is a twin and a lesbian, and that tops the fantasy food chain.

2. Bugs Bunny in Drag-

Bugs Bunny's fetish for women's clothing is just sick and wrong! How can he live with himself when he wears that tight pencil skirt, showing off his beautiful curvy bottom? Or when he applies lipstick to his luscious puckered mouth? Or when he straps those red pumps onto his furry, delicate feet, which are just begging to be suckled?

3. Jessica Rabbit (<em>Who Framed Roger Rabbit</em>)-

In accordance with the Biel and Simpson Act, all women named Jessica should secrete sexiness, and Jessica Rabbit is no exception. Unlike the fleshy Jessies, Mrs. Rabbit was created with colored pencils, yet has the vocal pipes of Simpson and the curves of Biel.

4. Ariel (<em>The Little Mermaid</em>)-

There's no denying that fish are sexy, with their slippery scales, flappy fins, and whatnot. But a fish with boobies? Schwing-a-ding! Ariel has the best of both worlds, girl on top, fish on the bottom. Now if only she was part gorilla, our fantasy would be complete!

5. Betty Boop-

The Boopster draws attention away from her giant head with bared cleavage, short dresses, and garter-belted gams, making for one of the first butter faces in animated history. And with that squeaky voice, you just know she'd make a killer phone-sex operator. "Baby, I'm going to boop-oop-a-doop you all night long."

6. Judy Jetson (<em>The Jetsons</em>)-

If Judy Jetson had a MySpace profile today, it would look like this: "About me: I love boys and shopping and talking on the phone! Who I'd like to meet: Jet Screamer!!! OMG!!!" And then she'd be abducted by a sexual predator claiming to be Jet Screamer. And then we would hide our Jet Screamer costume.

7. Betty Rubble (<em>The Flintstones</em>)-

This prehistoric MILF is married to a caveman and mother to a superhuman baby, yet still manages to keep the house clean (which isn't easy when you have dirt floors and have to vacuum with a baby elephant). Plus, you can chew on her to get your daily dose of vitamins.

8. Smurfette (<em>The Smurfs</em>)-

Her smurfy smurfs and smurftastic smurf give you smurf, making you want to smurf her in the smurf until she smurfs all over your smurf. Oooh, Smurfette, we love the way you smurf!

9. Daphne Blake (<em>Scooby-Doo</em>)-

Her WASPy ways and inability to use profanity ("Jeepers!") would make one think Daphne is a cold fish in the sack. But "one" is a retard who doesn't know jack about women. Repressed chicks are always the wildest behind the bedroom doors. Or in Daphne's case, in the front seat of the Mystery Machine. There's a reason Fred always wanted to drive.

10. Yasmin (<em>Bratz</em>)-

Not since Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt have we seen a baby this sexy. But at least Yasmin doesn't shit herself or cry. And what's better, the Bratz brat can even dress herself…in stripper-chic tube tops and low-rider jeans. This is one baby we don't want to throw in the dumpster!

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