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The Stars of Comic Con Declare The Worst Super Power!

We asked the Comic Con elite what the worst super power would be. Sorry about that, Ant-man.

Sean Astin

"To be kind. It’s powerful, but if you’re taking that over flying or being bulletproof, it’s just not as good."

Glenn Howerton

"The power to shit eight times a day. I mean, it would just be annoying. I think it would be good for your colon – it’s always good to clean out the toxins in your body, but I imagine it would impinge upon, like, if you’re out to eat, let alone fighting villains. I guess you could use it against villains though – if someone knew that committing a crime would possibly cause them to get shit on by this guy – it may be a deterrent."

Lili Simmons

"The ability to never stop growing. You just grow your whole life but don’t have super strength or anything."

Carrie Keagan

"Here’s the thing, I know that Mr. Fantastic is going to be really fantastic, but the ability to stretch is kind of lame. The character is great – but you could be super, you could be flying, you could be super strong – but it’s just not fantastic. Also, Antman is coming out – I don’t really understand that, the ability to be really small. But you know what, I think Edgar Wright will make that really cool."

Esme Bianco

"Having a cloak. That’s pretty bad. I learned that from The Incredibles. I would almost not call that a superpower. I almost feel like super-strength is a cop out, it’s kinda boring."

Amber Nash

"I know this I going to sound weird because everybody says this is the best one, but flying. It seems like a waste. All you can do is get places fast. It’s like the power of avoiding things."

Lucky Yates

"I think if it’s just flight – no strength or anything – do you know how cold that would be? It would be a lot of fun, maybe in the spring time, but that’s about it."


Dorian Brown

"To see through clothes. I don’t really find that one appealing. If you couldn’t control it, you know. It would be a bummer."

The Workaholics

"Laser dick, because you just don’t want it to malfunction. Or explosive diarrhea. Actually that one wouldn’t be so bad, if it was like actual explosives, like C4 diarrhea. 'QUICK! Drum up some dookie! Eat some nachos!'"

Mindy Sterling

"Wind. That’s super boring. I don’t care about that."

Jason Gann

"Eternal life. Who wants to be that guy who can’t die? You know, like Highlander and Superman and all of those guys. All the people that you love would die – how many first dates with how many wives could you have? Who wants that? Not me."

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