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This Library Is Asking For Donations…To Build A 9-Foot Statue Of The Incredible Hulk

We recently brought you an interview with the man behind Detroit’s enormous new Robocop statue. While that project was outlandish, it kinda made sense – the movie was, after all, a satire about the blight of poverty and crime that could be inflicted on a city if its corporate masters ran unchecked, and since that satire has sadly become a reality in Detroit, a statue of the man/machine himself doesn’t seem so far out of place.


Universal/courtesy Everett Collection


This new crowdfunding project doesn’t fit together quite so neatly, but since we’re suckers for silliness in the name of a good cause, we couldn’t resist sharing it. The people involved would like to make a nine-foot tall statue of the Incredible Hulk, and while you might suppose that its intended site of erection (tee-hee!) would be at a gamma research laboratory, you would be wrong – this one’s supposed to end up at Northlake Public Library in Northlake, IL. The idea, according to the adorably awkward video that accompanies the Indiegogo campaign, is to draw attention to the library’s graphic novel section, expand said section, and include an iMac with drawing pad, editing software, and a 3D printer, all with the aim of giving aspiring comic book creators somewhere to hone their skills.



The dividends for backers are pretty sweet: $100 will get your name engraved on a plaque near the statue, while contributing $500 will get your picture included. Our personal favorite, however, is the $20 pledge, which will get you this: “A librarian…will dress up as a comic character and take a picture of him/herself in random places in Northlake holding up a speech bubble. You send us what you want said in the speech bubble.” Frankly, the potential for abuse of this donation perk boggles the mind, and we’re already wondering if we can send five separate $20 pledges, rather than a single $100 contribution. The eventual goal is $30,000, and with less than two weeks left, they’ve still got a long way to go. So if you want to see a giant Hulk statue in a public library – and more importantly, a photo of a librarian dressed as Bane with a speech bubble saying, “Please Don’t Break The Spines” - head over to Indiegogo right away and make your donation. Remember, Hulk hate puny cheapskates!


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