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Tower Chronicles

Star Rating: 
6 out of 10

It’s Batman meets the The X-Files meets your nightmares.

The Pitch: A hero-for-hire investigates paranormal crimes.

What It Really Is: Over-the-top fun. The new book from Legendary Comics takes the typical anti-hero/vigilante tropes and puts them in a horror story. John Tower is the hooded, armored “hero” here, a brooding, scared tough guy armed with anti-ghost knives and all kinds of tactical equipment to combat spookiness. Things quickly get bloody when he first investigates a possible mafia ghost and then does battle with a (non-sparkly) vampire. The basic story is a tad thin, but there’s plenty of time to set up backstory and develop characters later. The first few chapters are more focused on action than drama, and after sitting through boring origin stories, it’s nice when a book just shoves you into the fights.

What’s Cool: Superstar artist Alex Ross drew the cover for issue #2. Read our interview with Ross here. Press-Ready Blurb: “This is one towerful comic!” -

Who’s It For: Horror fans who wish vampires would attack superheroes instead of teenaged girls.