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Eight Awesome Kelly Kelly Facts

Can’t get enough of our December Cover Girl? Here are eight more awesome Kelly Kelly facts!

Dream Tag Team Partner
“I like Jessica Biel. She plays a lot of ass-kicker roles so I think she’d be a great partner."

Physical Hobby
“I still do gymnastics on my day off. I have a training facility in Florida and go there two or three times a week to do the bars, beam, and the vault.”

Can't-miss TV Show
“True Blood; I’m obsessed!”

Dream Car
“I want a bright pink Maserati. Actually that’s my next purchase.”

Big Turn-Off
“I hate those blinged-out rhinestone shirts; they’re so bad! I feel like some guys in the WWE are a little guilty when it comes to the Jersey Shore style. I’m like, come on, guys!”

Worst Gift Ever
“A guy once gave me an ugly four-leaf clover necklace that broke in two seconds. He claimed I was his ‘good luck charm;’ it was so cheesy.”

Go-To Drink
“I’m a big wine girl. I love Riesling, which is nice and sweet so that’s definitely my drink of choice for the holidays.”

Favorite Holiday Foods
“I love green bean casserole, turkey, all the traditional stuff. And if a guy can make a pie, he’s golden.”