15 Celebrities Share Their Favorite Curse Words

In honor of the new movie Bad Words, we asked everyone from Jamie-Lynn Sigler to Tom Arnold to swear at us. A common four-letter theme emerged...

ENTERTAINMENT By Justine Goodman

Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Fuck. Everything has a fuck in it. I use it way too much in my life.

Mike Birbiglia
I like the work “fucking” as an adverb, like “that’s fucking stupid.” Because it’s just an adverb that adds emphasis but reminds you of casual sex a bit. I love that it doesn’t even advocate casual sex because you could be like, “I am fucking abstinent,” and people are like, "I believe him! This guy is not fucking fucking." It’s just so effective.

Ike Barinholtz
It’s an old-timey political phrase. It’s, “I’ll tell ya, President Andrew Johnson is a real dirty cocksucker.” You have to use the whole phrase, otherwise it doesn’t work.

Mark Duplass
The thing that’s really been getting me lately is “shit-sipper” from The League. There’s something about it. Endlessly new visuals come up: How do you sip it? Why is it so watery and liquid-y? The whole thing is just so terrible and the visuals are just wonderful.

Rob Huebel
There’s a lot of great ones. But it all comes down to what feels great coming out of your mouth. What does it feel like as it grinds past your teeth? And I think “motherfucker” is the one. It just feels horrible saying it but so cathartic.

David Koechner
Probably motherfucking cocksucker.

Lili Simmons
I probably say fuck the most. Classic.

Chris O’Dowd
Fuck ball.

Lewis Black
Fuck, without a doubt. Best word ever.

Jason Biggs
Fucking cunt.

Elijah Wood
Probably fuck. I know it’s not socially acceptable as much in the United States, but I do fancy the word cunt as well. But the context for which it’s used elsewhere doesn’t quite fit as well here in the US. It’s not an easy one to weave into general conversation.

Guillermo Del Toro
It’s in Spanish, ‘Cabron.’

Ron Perlman

David Copperfield
All of them.

Tom Arnold
It’s one word, but it sounds like two words: fuckinidiot. It works for me.