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Fiat Trick Shots & 4 Other Things You May Have Missed

Social media commentator Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending this week. [June 14 – June 21]


[1] Dude Perfect put the Fiat 500c Abarth to the test using the cool little speedster in this video of over-the-top, dude-oriented stunts. 

The last crazy stunt I saw executed in a Fiat involved Alumni weekend, $140 worth of Taco Bell, the border patrol police, and a cavity search. Beyond that, I plead the Fifth.

[2] There is a new trend in China to try and “tame the sexy” among women this summer, with fake leg hair stockings designed to ward off unwanted come-ons from the male population.
Do they make these things for men? Most of us here at Maxim haven’t actually been through puberty yet.

[3] During the Miss USA Pageant, Miss Utah' s sash must have been too tight as she struggled to answer a question on the topic of workplace inequality.  
In support of Miss Utah, I took down the poster I had up in my office that said “Rid Workplace Inequality” and replaced it with a bikini shot of Miss Utah.  

[4] Russell Brand went on NBC's Morning Joe and eviscerated the anchors for being ill-prepared and uncomfortably nervous.

Russell, if the prompter monkeys on Morning Joe got under your skin, please, for the sake of the nation and your blood pressure, cut your press tour short before you land on The View and it gets really ugly.   


[5] To help New Yorkers stay charged this summer, AT&T is launching a Street Charge campaign, where they will place solar powered docking stations all over the city, allowing people to charge their smartphones for free.
People in NYC get mugged for their smartphones daily, so AT&T might want to provide some solar powered Tasers at each station, too. Just a suggestion.

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