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If This Formerly Fat Dachshund Can Lose 40 Pounds, So Can You

One of the Internet's favorite animal fatties had a tummy-tuck this week.

Fretting you won’t be able to make your summer six-pack goalor, more realistically, just hoping not to look like a complete fat schlub on the beach? Here’s an inspirational message to help you get back on track, courtesy of Obie, the formerly obese dachshund. The pooch, who once tipped the scales at 77 pounds, has lost 40 pounds since he began his special high-protein diet last August.

And as anyone who’s seen any of those TV shows that chronicle the weight loss of super obese people knows, just because you lose half your body weight doesn’t mean you’re going to look good. Same goes for dachshunds. On Tuesday Obie underwent a tummy tuck to get rid of more than two pounds of excess skin that would actually drag on the ground while he walked. Last night, his owner, Nora Vanetta, posted a message to Obie’s Facebook page letting all his 92,774 supporters know that the pooch is recovering nicely, as well as reminding them that he’s still seven pounds away for his weight loss goal. And if this little guy can muster up the nerve to stick to his diet plans after all he’s been through and accomplished, so can you.

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