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Maxim Sweats to the Oldies

How does our direc­tor of photography, Andrea Volbrecht, kill time in Los Angeles between cover shoots? Why, Jazzer­cising with Richard Simmons, of course!

Ever text coworkers a pic of yourself without really thinking that it could end up in a national magazine? So did our photo director, Andrea, who sent us this sweaty snap at the Slimmons Studio in Beverly Hills. And she couldn’t be happier that we’re printing it for everyone to enjoy! 
We were pretty surprised to learn that this wasn’t some special one-time deal—anyone can take an aerobics class with the Richard Simmons for a mere $12 per spandexy session! So how was the experience? “Favorite workout ever!” reports Andrea. “He’s a ball of energy, he swears like a sailor, and he gave my water bottle a blow job. I am sore as shit today.” Sign us up!

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