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Maxim's Best Bits [6/10-6/14]

It's Friday, which means we're pretending to work until someone unlocks these chains to our desks. Here are some of our top posts from the week of June 10-14.

Photographed for by Paige Craig | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013 


Girls Who Like to Play Games

These girls have their game faces on. And not much else.


2013 Dads & Grads Gift Guide

It’s not too late to prove that you’re not a complete disappointment by picking up a gift for Father’s Day.


Maxim Gets Muddy at Governors Ball

Nas had a New York homecoming, Kanye dropped new tracks, and Guns N Roses shredded (kinda).


E3 2013: The Exclusives

What will you be playing when the next generation of gaming arrives?


Guillermo del Toro Talks Monsters and Mayhem (Also, Giant Burgers)

The Pacific Rim director gives us the scoop on his next project and answers the same 10 questions we always ask everyone.


4 Types of Movies Zombies Aren’t In (But Could Be!)

If Hollywood had any "BRAAAIIINNS" they'd get some undead in these movies immediately.


Snoochie Boochies! Jason Mewes Talks Vigilante Diaries, Clerks, and Comics

Kevin Smith’s protégé—the foul-mouthed, long-haired wonder who stole the screen in ‘90s cult classics like Clerks and Mallrats—opens up to Maxim.


E3: Booth Babes

This is exactly what it sounds like. And it is spectacular.



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