LMFAO is Over

The party-rock duo announces they’re shuffling their separate ways. We expect many shrugs to be given.
ENTERTAINMENT By Stephanie Radvan

Today, the uncle-nephew duo declared the party was over as they each leave to go pursue individual projects (specifically, Redfoo plans to write a song for the New England Patriots and start his own line of tennis clothing). Anyway, instead of weeping over this, uh, great cultural loss, let us recount their top five achievements (outside of irritating the fuck out of us on an almost supernatural level, obviously).


Photo Courtesy of Meeno / Universal Music Group

They made us pay attention to Kia
If it wasn’t for their “Party Rock Anthem”, those thugged-out hamsters would have nothing to shuffle to!

They gave us really easy Halloween costumes
Afro wig, glasses with no lenses, animal print, and a buddy who is momentarily tricked into think this is a good idea.

They took away Big Willie’s Miami crown
After a decade of Will Smith dominating every Miami-bound tourist’s playlist, LMFAO gave the city a new theme song with “I’m in Miami Bitch" -one that doesn’t leave us insecure about our terrible Spanish pronunciation.

They warned us when Jersey Shore was about to start
If our channel surfing landed us on MTV and we heard “get crazy, get wild, let’s party, get loud” we knew to keep flipping.

They somehow brainwashed girls to go crazy to this song



Give me more music!

Screw music, give me more girls!