Rockstar Playlist: Andrew W.K.

The patron saint of partying picks the tracks to spin while prepping.


Kitchen Party Playlist

1. Andrew W.K., “It’s Time to Party”

I want my music to make you feel like you’re standing on top of a mountain with your hands over your head in complete joy, fists pumping in the air, where you couldn’t be more excited to be alive. This is a good way to kick things off in the kitchen.

2. The Buckwheat Boyz, “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”

People may know this from Family Guy, where Brian the dog sings it. There’s probably no higher-energy song in the world, so it’s a good way to crank up the energy in the kitchen.

3. Harry Nilsson, “Coconut”

This is a different kind of energy, because we’re going to be in the kitchen for a long time and we don’t want to burn out. Also, the idea of lime and coconut is very appetizing. That would actually go really well with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

4. Gene Sullivan, “Please Pass the Biscuits”

This is a very old song, and the first time I heard it I just couldn’t believe it. It’s like one of the first rap songs ever; the rhyming is just so advanced. Also, I love biscuits.

5. Lil B and Soulja Boy, “Cooking Dance”

This dance, which I believe Lil B invented, is one of his greatest contributions to popular culture. It’s just a brilliant dance, and very appetizing.

6. Neil Hamburger “Jug Town”

This is another old one. Neil Hamburger has this very deliberate delivery where it’s almost like he’s speaking to you. And I tell you, every time I hear this song, it makes me want to go get a jug of wine and a big straw and just sit and have a psychedelic experience.

7. Billy Joel, “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant”

This song is very, very appetizing. I don’t know if food is ever mentioned, but I automatically think of red and white checked tablecloths, candles, an old waiter who’s kind of portly, and spaghetti and meatballs with lots of parmesan cheese.

8. R. Kelly, “In the Kitchen”

After all the wine from the last two songs, I thought it would be good to have something to remind you where you are, just in case things get out of hand: You’re in the kitchen, catch your breath, remember what’s going on so we can keep this meal cooking.

9. Popeye (motion picture soundtrack), “Everything Is Food”

This movie is really incredible, a billion times better than I remember as a kid. And the music is fantastic. I didn’t even remember that it was a musical!

10. They Might Be Giants, “Dinner Bell”

This is a great song on many levels, but if you’ve ever gone to summer camp or worked at a job where you’re outside all day, you cannot wait to hear that dinner bell ring. Hopefully the meal is done now and you’re ready to ring it.

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DRINK WHILE LISTENING: As the man says: jug wine!

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