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Pizza-Delivering Drones & 4 Other Things You May Have Missed!

Social media commentator Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending this week. [June 1 – June 7]

[1] A UK Dominos Pizza franchise posted a YouTube video showing a flying drone that actually delivers pizza.

If only those brilliant scientific minds and millions of dollars could've been applied to getting that gloopy orange cheese-grease out of our couch cushions.   


[2] After finding out through Facebook that her boyfriend was cheating on her, this clever lady hid her ex’s stuff all over town and wrote him a scavenger hunt break-up letter.
Scavenger hunts. Social media. What's this world coming to?  It used to be so much simpler when a woman would just chop off a guy’s privates and call it a day. 

[3] Twitter’s stop-motion app Vine is finally available on Android.
At last! Now the other half of the Maxim office can also spend the day goofing around doing stuff like this.

[4] Google has announced that they are banning porn on Google Glass.
In related news, Jergens Lotion stock plummets!

[5] A NASA astronaut decided to shave his own head while in the International Space Station, as a kind gesture toward his newly arriving, naturally bald coworker.

Meanwhile, Maxim’s editor just shaved his own head because he was drunk and someone sent him a razor. We’re keeping it classy down here, NASA!

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