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President Obama Walks to Starbucks, Orders Tea

Our Pedestrian-in-Chief is becoming a D.C. tourist attraction.

Last week we got a rare glimpse into the private life of President Obama when some guy took a cell phone video of POTUS working out in a Warsaw hotel gym. Now, it seems Obama is going rogue all over D.C.

Yesterday he surprised at least a few passersby (and possibly the Secret Service) when he took a stroll through the streets of Washington to a local Starbucks, where he ordered "just some tea" and joked to the White House press corps that "the bear is loose." He made the same joke last month, when he pulled a similar stunt, deciding to forego his motorcade and walk from the White House to a meeting at the Department of the Interior.

Recycling jokes and sipping hot tea may be a strange way to spend a summer afternoon, but it must be more fun than being cooped up in the Oval Office.


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