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The Man Who Jumped Off Mount Everest & 4 Other Things You May Have Missed

Social media commentator Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending this week. [May 25 – May 31]

[1] A Russian daredevil completely wrapped in Red Bull logos from head-to-toe (and a wingsuit) scaled Mt. Everest and jumped.

This guy risked awful, splatty death, which seems pretty extreme considering that all you used to have to do to trend was Sharpie penises all over your passed out buddy’s face.

[2] A ‘regular Joe’ caught the attention of Hollywood bigwigs at Warner Brothers Studios after outlining a movie concept on Reddit, landing the guy a development deal and an agent.
If I re-tweet his concept, will I get an Executive Producer credit and back-end points?  

[3] It’s now super easy to create slow-motion video on YouTube, thanks to this brand new tool!
Speaking of new tools on YouTube…


[4] The White House Tweeted a picture of the President of the free world hanging out with Justin Timberlake at 1600 Penn.
We’re willing to bet $5 and all the Cheetos behind the copier that JT was showing the Prez his hot wife Jessica Biel’s Maxim cover.

[5] Former Star Trek Captain, Sir Patrick Stewart, claimed to be trying a slice of pizza for the first time ever at age 72. 
Meanwhile, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has managed to go 72 entire minutes since his last slice!  

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