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The Ultimate Corvette Picture Book

If you can't put a Corvette in your garage, put a bunch of them on your coffee table.

Like all red-blooded Americans, we're obsessed with the Corvette. From the 1953 first generation to the brand new Stingray, for 60 years Chevrolet's iconic sports car has brought gearheads the world over to their knees. (Let's just say we cried when Walter destroyed one in The Big Lebowski.) Now, even if your daily ride is a '74 Gremlin, you can enjoy the power, beauty, and mechanical sexiness of the 'Vette thanks to a new coffee table book called Corvette: The Complete Competition History from Sebring to Le Mans by automotive writer David Kimble. Pictured in racing venues from endurance events and hillclimbs to drag strips and GT races over all six decades of its existence, the Corvette has never looked better. Check out some of the best shots below, then find some room for the book next to your collection of remotes.

2013 Corvette 427 Convertible
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